Why we struggle with weight loss

Why We Struggle With Weight Loss

Many of the clients who come to me usually share one thing: that they have tried dozens of diet and exercise but nothing seemed to work. Over and over again, I will tell them that I understand the feeling of hopelessness when it comes to weight management. After all, many of us have very little self-control when it comes to the food that we eat.

Self-control and discipline is the usual way of dieting and that is why it never works long term. Feeling like we are intentionally depriving ourselves is not in our best interests. We need to feel as if we are enjoying our eating experience for it to truly work.

I always feel that it is a wonderful opportunity for me to share encouragement for everyone out there who follow my blogs. Weight loss is not easy if your mind is not ready. This is the basic reason why most people who wish to lose weight are unable to sustain a diet and exercise routine.

The Powerful Mind

The mind provides all the power to overcome our feelings of wanting more food than what we need. It is also the mind that controls our willingness to exercise and sweat out excess weight.

I am reminded of Erin, a young mum who struggled to lose weight 2 years after giving birth. Erin loved to overeat; she had somehow gotten into this belief that she has to eat more because she is feeding herself and her baby through breastfeeding. Even after weaning her young son, she couldn’t seem to shake the habit of eating more.

Erin is just like any of us. We enjoy the idea of being able to eat more. But the fact is, our body will only burn enough for the energy that we need, the excess becomes fat. With the help of hypnosis, Erin became aware of her body’s needs. She was able to stop herself from eating more than what she needs.

With traditional diets, you are forcing yourself not to eat, and in return, making you feel deprived and unhappy. In no time, you go back to binging, making up for the days of deprivation. But with hypnosis, you will look at a cake and not even crave it at all – not because you’re consciously stopping yourself, but because you don’t even feel that hungry anymore! It will then be so much easier to push the cake aside. Of course you can still choose to eat it, but it has so much less power over you now.

It is now a choice to eat it and you can enjoy this treat now and then, but it is not a compulsion. That is the real difference when using hypnotherapy.

In our blog, we will talk about simple self-hypnosis techniques that you can do to help curb your cravings. Till then!

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