Shopaholics it's time to stop

Shopaholics: It’s Time to Stop Blowing Your Dough With Hypnotherapy and CBT

Do you love to shop constantly? Do you feel the need to shop to reward yourself or brighten your day? Do you buy things not within your intended budget? Do you feel deprived when you can’t buy what you want? If you say yes to these questions, you might just be a shopaholic.

Despite the acclaimed novel series “Confessions of a Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella, a shopaholic is not a bubbly character with charisma and appeal. Shopping addiction is called oniomania or compulsive spending.

Dr. Ryan Howell, psychology professor at the San Francisco University, says, “Compulsive shoppers tend to be people who bury their heads in the sand and ignore the credit card bill.” According to a study by Dr. Howell and his team, shopaholics are looking for that “buy high”, that feeling of euphoria and elation at having bought something.

It can’t be argued that onomania is a gripping addiction that hounds many shoppers, mainly because it is not as well-studied and hazardously obvious as alcoholism, smoking, or gambling.

According to the Australian Psychological Society, onomania may be a response to negative feelings of loneliness and depression to name a few. Like other addictions, shopaholics spend for a “quick fix”.

And just like other addictions, you can stop your onomania and be “sober” again. It’s never a bad thing to spend, but it can be very harmful in the long run to spend beyond the budget, to keep incurring debts, to rely on credit cards, and to substitute shopping for any emotional void in your life.

Although most shopaholics are women, men are not immune. It is not a matter of gender, age, or even wealth. It’s a matter of prioritizing and not giving in to impulses. Since onomania is a psychological concern, only the right psychological means can be used to cure it.

With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnotherapy, I can help you get to the root of your addiction. We can dive into the reasons behind your shopping addiction and how it started. You will learn, not to suppress it, but to change your perception of it and to adopt ways to curb your spending habits. You don’t have to stop spending all at once or swear never to go on a spending spree! On the contrary, our sessions will help you get to the source of your emotional shortcomings and how you can better “fill the void” without going bankrupt.

It’s time to take control of your spending habits. Money, as the old adage says, can’t buy anything. It certainly can’t buy happiness or your peace of mind.

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