Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking in 2 hours Hypnotherapy in the Northern Beaches

Stop Smoking Success Guaranteed in 2 hours

Are you ready to quit cigarettes once and for all? Constantly tired of failing to quit and seeing your health and finances suffer? You could be a permanent non-smoker after a simple 2 hour quit smoking hypnotherapy/NLP session. Does it sound too good to be true? I am so confident of your success that I personally offer a lifetime guarantee for all quit cigarettes sessions.

This is a permanent smoke free life

The result of your session is your new permanent smoke free life. I tailor each session to your individual needs; getting to the core of your unique smoking triggers and tackling each of your reasons for smoking head on. The individual approach enables you to emerge a non-smoker and get on with enjoying life!

How does hypnosis for quit smoking work?

Our brains function on two levels: consciously and unconsciously. The conscious part of our brain influences the behaviour we are aware of. The unconscious part of the brain controls our beliefs and habits, such as smoking.

Hypnosis re-trains the unconscious mind

Our smoking behaviour is controlled via unconscious part of our brain. We can be aware that our habits are harmful – such as smoking and want to stop but find ourselves unable to do so. This is why hypnosis is so effective: it interacts directly with the unconscious mind. The relaxed state of hypnosis allows re-training of the unconscious mind, making it easy to change compulsive, life-long habits with just one session.

What’s included in the session?

Individual Stop Smoking Session
Ongoing Text, Email & Phone Support
2 Hypnotherapy MP3s to stay a non smoker

Results are guaranteed

This Quit Smoking System takes all the pain out of the journey to becoming a non-smoker. Most clients report to walking out of the session and never experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Some even feel as though they have never smoked cigarettes in their life. Wouldn’t you love to embrace your new, permanent identity as a non-smoker in just two hours?

Life Time Guarantee

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With this method, more than 90% of people quit smoking permanently in two hours. That's why I offer a lifetime guarantee. If you start smoking again, your follow up session is free.

Become a happy, permanent, non-smoker for life, with a small investment of $249.

Please book a 2 hour appointment using instant online booking. Alternatively, you can also contact me at 0421945778.

I can't believe that I used to smoke, it has been three years now and I feel great! This method works wonders!
Benny Jacobson

Benny Jacobson

The hypnotic process gave me the additional willpower I needed to stop smoking. To this day I still have not had a cigarette. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to stop smoking.
Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross

I want to say thank you for the best money I have ever spent. It has been a full year since my last cigarette. An old timer with 20 -25 a day for 30 years. Never too late to give up.
John Champion

John Champion

I have tried all the stop smoking aids on the market and nothing has worked so far. It has been five days since your session and I have not had one cigarette. I feel sure that I will be able to beat the habit of smoking. I am very confident that I will never smoke again.
Maria Velissaris

Maria Velissaris

I have never even considered to have a smoke since your session. Thank you for helping me to save my life and ensure my future!!!!
Brett Chambers

Brett Chambers