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Kathryn Clark with her client

Effective Pregnancy & Fertility Hypnotherapy in Northern Beaches

Are you pregnant or wanting to be pregnant? Fears can be crippling and may have a profound effect on pregnancy and fertility. It’s no surprise to know that couples have spent thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant.

After medical issues have been ruled out, I can help you get to the root of the problem through Pregnancy & Fertility Hypnotherapy and Counselling. Sometimes, in the dark recesses of our minds, we may have traumatic issues that prevent us from getting pregnant. PTSD stems from distressing experiences and unbeknownst to a lot of women, this is one reason why it’s difficult to conceive. Hypnotherapy sessions can uncover what has been hidden for many years.

As a highly-experienced hypnotherapist, I can help couples who are trying to get pregnant. Through hypnosis, you can significantly increase your pregnancy outcome. With hypnotherapy, you can have a non-invasive, more affordable way in treating infertility.

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Your body will be undergoing certain changes in preparation for that growing new life inside you. In any case, here are some of the typical issues of pregnancy:

  • Morning Sickness. bout 70 to 80% of all pregnant women experience morning sickness that may affect their quality of life. Hypnotherapy has an amazing effect on reducing or eliminating morning sickness. It retrains the brain to ignore ‘sick’ signals. Therefore, women feel healthy, and free of the effects of morning sickness. The mind and body are deeply connected. Hypnotherapy works deeply on the mind to stop sending ‘sick’ signals; the body then obeys these ‘healthy’ signals.
  • Fear of the unknown and the possibility of things going wrong during the pregnancy. They may include worrying about birth defects, miscarriage, prematurity, to labour pains and losing post-pregnancy weight. These anxieties may range from the perfectly understandable to the unusual. However, to a pregnant woman, they are all very real. Hypnotherapy will assist you in facing your fears with an open mind and a more optimistic outlook.
  • Some abdominal aches, stomach cramps, headache and general feelings of discomfort. They simply indicate that your body is undergoing physical changes to prepare to accommodate your growing baby. Later on in pregnancy, you may be experiencing lower back pain, pelvic pressure, heart burn and leg cramps due to pressure from your growing uterus and increasing weight. Hypnotherapy will teach you how to block the pain signals; so, you are feeling calm, confident and pain free once more.
  • Traumatic birth trauma. Any birth that didn’t go to plan, can be terrifying and even traumatic, leading to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If untreated, it can create severe anxiety and depression. Hypnotherapy gently and gradually allows in new more positive thoughts about birth, while healing and transforming the past.
  • Miscarriage. The loss of a child, no matter how early in the pregnancy is devastating. The grief can be so overwhelming it is difficult to go on. Anxiety and depression can easily take hold of all aspects of life. Hypnotherapy helps to calm the mind and let go of the grief and sadness. It opens the mind to a more positive and helpful future.

My Expertise in Pregnancy & Fertility Hypnotherapy

Natal hypnotherapy comprises of deep relaxation and the power of suggestion to access the part of your mind that's responsible for bodily functions (your breathing, hormones, digestion and this also includes your emotions). Hypnosis in pregnancy help you easily cope with a wide variety of situations and concerns that are often associated with pregnancy.

I teach hypnosis in childbirth (Hypnobirthing) to effectively ease any discomfort in birthing. Likewise, I have found hypnotherapy is also extremely powerful in dealing with issues in pregnancy and fertility. Pregnancy and birth related hypnotherapy is a favoured specialty of mine. I was drawn to this field through my own experiences with conception, pregnancy and birth of my twins eleven years ago. I researched and found effective ways to eliminate morning sickness, pregnancy stress and removing aches and pains without medication.

Do you need help with pregnancy and fertility? Get the support you need through natal hypnotherapy.

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After five years of trying and trying for a baby, I finally have a beautiful healthy boy! Thanks, Kathryn for flicking that switch in my brain. It worked.
Justine Waterson

Justine Waterson

My morning sickness was a real killer, and I couldn’t function at all. I was recommended to see Kathryn through my doctor. After one session, was feeling great and no more vomiting. It is amazing what you can do to change that mind body connection.
Celia Morgan

Celia Morgan

I tried accupuncture, herbs and everything else to get this baby out! Hypnotherapy was extremely effective in giving my mind and body the ‘permission’ to birth. It sounds strange, but it worked and worked fast! That evening I easily birthed my beautiful Talia.
Kirsten Swindon

Kirsten Swindon

I was depressed each day at not having a baby, so what I could I lose at seeing Kathryn? I gained big and I was pregnant with Hayleigh within six weeks. Thank you for your insight, guidance and being a shoulder to cry on.
Debbie Futterman

Debbie Futterman

After four miscarriages, we wanted a baby so badly, but my head wasn’t in the right spot and I couldn’t conceive. Thank you, Kathryn, for putting it back in place and giving me the confidence to try one again. Success! We are extremely happy, and I couldn’t have done that without you.

Sara Smithers