Get Help With Nightmares & Sleeping With Hypnotherapy

Is “counting sheep” and other sleeping exercises and tips not working for you? Maybe you are stressing over the fact that you constantly have trouble getting to sleep. If you wake up too early, have difficulty waking at all, or feeling fatigued during the day, you may be experiencing a sleep disorder or insomnia.

If sleeping problems are left untreated, this could lead to the following:

  • Inability to focus during the day
  • Your concentration, reasoning, problem solving and ability to learn is impeded if sleeping disorder is not immediately dealt with.
  • Serious health problems
  • Heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, diabetes and stroke are just some of the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation.

One of the main causes of road accidents is lack of sleep. Sleep loss is a public safety hazard on the road just as much as drunk driving is. If you’re tired due to lack of sleep, your reaction time slows down. If not treated soon, your sleep disorder may cause great risks to yourself and to other people as well, not only on the road, but also at work where your attention is needed.

Stop Nightmares and insomnia with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy will help you take control and train your mind into relaxing, easing out tension in the muscles enabling you to sleep in minutes. Whilst hypnotized, the subconscious becomes more open to positive suggestions that let you know you CAN sleep easily and naturally.

I will teach you new, natural tried and tested ways to fall asleep using relaxation exercises and techniques. You will learn to relax physically first, then progress to relaxing mentally. With your capability to relax and the knowledge that you can become less tense, your sleeping problems will be corrected. Anxiety and stress are kept at bay and you get to sleep with no trouble at all.

Hypnotherapy and CBT will solve your sleep problems quickly and effectively

Whatever the root cause for your insomnia or nightmares, I will find it. Together, we solve this issue for you and give you the relaxation and peace you need to discover a good night sleep.

Want to sleep better today? Then, book an appointment online today or call me for a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

The closest thing that I can relate to being in a hypnotic state is a very relaxing meditation. You are totally aware of what is happening at all times, and when you finish it feels like you have just had the best sleep ever and you are ready to take on the world.
Gina Lattineria

Gina Lattineria

I was a bit anxious, but Kathryn made it easy and I felt totally calm. The counselling sessions worked wonders, and I found my confidence returned and my depression lifted. Thanks!
Julianna Gregoria

Julianna Gregoria

Thanks Kathryn, the sessions worked! I am back to my old self once more. I can’t thank you enough.
Mark Richmond

Mark Richmond

My issues were skyrocketing and my self-esteem plummeting. Kathryn encouraged me to discover the real reasons and blocks behind my situation. Her counselling and the Hypnosis worked perfectly to help me return to a healthy zest for life. Thank you!
Jimmy Matterson

Jimmy Matterson

Kathryn, I cannot begin to thank you enough for what you have done for me. Congratulations on providing a service that really works.

Julie McDougall