Managing anger through Hypnotherapy

Managing Your Anger Through Hypnotherapy

Anger is a powerful emotion that many people will say is the most challenging emotion to dissolve or manage. Some people feel trapped by their anger, where their anger gets the best of them and they will often feel helpless and unable to break free.

Rage Can Be Dangerous

I once encountered a client whose health has deteriorated so badly because of his constant battle with rage. He suffered from high blood pressure and chronic gastric ulcers because he simply cannot control his reactions to various triggers around him. Anger, when left uncontrolled, can be dangerous to your health. Elevated blood pressure, raised voices, and a tensed body will all contribute to physical damage.

The mind and body is so closely related, we often throw around the phrase, ‘the mind – body connection’ without too much thought. However, when we are feeling anger, our body goes into defensive mode and produces large amounts of adrenaline in our system. This is the same hormone that we get when we need to either fight an attacker down a darkened alley way or give us extra energy and power to fight to attacker. The problem is, most of us don’t need this extra amount of adrenaline when our lives are not actually threatened.

Our mind doesn’t distinguish between real physical threat and emotional threat that triggers our anger. However, the body chemistry is the same. Perpetual existence in this heightened awareness and mixture of stress hormones does significant toll on the body.

Furthermore, anger can also have huge effects on relationships. People with uncontrollable rage reactions can have partners who suffer, children who are hurt and friendships that are ruined. This is why hypnotherapy and NLP are important routes towards anger management.

How Hypnotherapy Helps Control Anger

Hypnotherapy is one of the best tools to control your anger. It allows access to your subconscious mind and helps you understand your feelings. Using your internal resources, you will be able to find solutions that can help manage your feelings better.

Often times, angry feelings are triggered – items, situations or even persons can be a trigger to these negative reactions. Most patients who have anger management problems have painful experiences in the past that they are unable to deal with.

Hypnotherapy helps you understand what is going on in your mind. By accessing your subconscious mind, we will be able to work towards better understanding and processing of your feelings.

In addition, I also love to help clients practice out simple self hypnosis tools that can reduce feelings of uncontrollable anger. Tools like breathing, relaxation, and calming yourself will be shared and learned through the therapy.

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