Jason Quit Smoking Testimonial

Jason Quit Smoking Testimonial

Hi! I just wanted to do this video to say a huge thanks to Kathryn of Blue Sky Life. I no longer smoke, and I feel pretty sure about that really. I mean, it’s been a tough few years, you know. The usual round of patches, you know, the will power and like, but no matter how many times I stopped, I find myself right back smoking again.  I mean....

But what made a huge difference for me was hypnosis from Kathryn. She made me feel repulsed by even the thought of cigarettes. And I just don’t feel the need or even crave cigarettes anymore. It's that powerful and fast. It only took me 2 hours.

So after a few months with no cigarettes, I feel like there’s no way I’m going back to smoking and so if you want to give up smoking once and for all, I say get hypnosis.

Video Highlights:

00:02 – Jason says thanks to Kathryn of Blue Sky Life for helping him quit smoking

00:08 – Jason has since stopped smoking.

00:28 – Hypnosis by Kathryn was a big help.

00:37 – Jason no longer feels the need or craving to have a cigarette.

00:51 – Get hypnosis if you want to stop smoking.

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