Bring Out the Best in You Through Individual Counselling

Do you want to discover how you can be the best you? Then talk with a counsellor who is dedicated to help you discover the best version of yourself.
There is no problem too large or too small. We can work towards solving your concern or finding peace in difficult situations.

In life, emotional challenges are bound to arise. Although our friends and loved ones often do a lot in helping us to overcome them, difficult events or situations can pile up and make these challenges seem simply overwhelming.

I can help you in all these cases. As an experienced counsellor, I have the professional tools to help you to deal with problems and difficult situations. I will help you to identify the problem by working with you and developing ways that are tailored to your unique situation to overcome it.

Blue Sky Life Northern Beaches Counselling

Blue Sky Life will provide a safe and caring environment with all the support that you need from a counsellor who truly cares, listens and understands. I have committed years to helping people using proven methods of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Schema Therapy. I am also accomplished and capable of integrating powerful Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy into your program.
I’d love to hear from you. I want you to be able to open your windows and take in fresh air and fresh new insights that can change your life. Are you ready to break free?

I’d like you to know that you are not alone. There are aspects of people’s well-being that disintegrates, gets ignored and tucked into the background on a day-to-day basis. Most people are not fully aware of this continuous activity of how their mind-sets are being wired into a system of beliefs and perspective which may not work for them. Many people wake up one day to a realization that something’s not quite right. It is the ‘self’ pulling you back into the consciousness that “Here I am. Notice me.” And if you don’t pull that ‘self’ together, you know the whole thing - everything just wouldn’t add up. I want you to know that we can pull through this together.

Northern Beaches Counselling - Your Steadfast Guide to a Positive Mind-set

Your struggles, no matter how big or small of a problem you feel they are, know that they are indicative of your hard-wired propensity to realize that you are a living, learning, and growing human being predisposed to changes that make you who you are. I am here for you to help you understand where you stand in this process, and how you can cope, what you need and you don’t need, what changes you can make for yourself to have that clarity to define who you are, to see clearly where you stand and to finally see that wider picture of the entire horizon set out just for you.

Prepare yourself to open up not just windows. The right counsellor for you will not just provide you a fresh new perspective, but will inspire you to realize the power within you to open many doors you don’t even realize are all there waiting for you.

Inside you is the best version of you waiting to happen. Work with the best, perfect fit counsellor to guide you.

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The closest thing that I can relate to being in a hypnotic state is a very relaxing meditation. You are totally aware of what is happening at all times, and when you finish it feels like you have just had the best sleep ever and you are ready to take on the world.
Gina Lattineria

Gina Lattineria

I was a bit anxious, but Kathryn made it easy and I felt totally calm. The counselling sessions worked wonders, and I found my confidence returned and my depression lifted. Thanks!
Julianna Gregoria

Julianna Gregoria

Thanks Kathryn, the sessions worked! I am back to my old self once more. I can’t thank you enough.
Mark Richmond

Mark Richmond

My issues were skyrocketing and my self-esteem plummeting. Kathryn encouraged me to discover the real reasons and blocks behind my situation. Her counselling and the Hypnosis worked perfectly to help me return to a healthy zest for life. Thank you!
Jimmy Matterson

Jimmy Matterson

Kathryn, I cannot begin to thank you enough for what you have done for me. Congratulations on providing a service that really works.

Julie McDougall