Couples Counselling
Couple Counselling
Couples Counselling

Experiencing a Relationship Detour? Get Help With Couples Counselling

Need to reroute? Want to reconnect with your partner?

People have an inherent need to connect and build relationships. Healthy relationships give a sense of fulfilment and is vital to our mental and emotional well-being. Do you know that it has a huge impact on our lives more than we’ll ever realize? It does! And when things go south or you feel like it’s heading that way, it saddens us.

Nobody wants to head in that direction.

Navigate and steer clear of a dead end…or a relationship road block. Build a bridge if you need to. If you’re in the Northern Beaches area, it’s time to book a couples counselling with me. I, as your counsellor, genuinely see you on this road together and want to give you the help you need.

Please know that I’m not here to tell you what to do and where to go. I’m here to make sure that you figure out the way to the destination you and your partner both want to go. Sometimes being stuck in conflicts with your significant someone blurs your vision of the entire landscape. Your perspective zooms in a particular flaw. Sometimes you get busy looking aimlessly everywhere, in all the wrong places all at once. Do not worry! You’re not lost at all! You are still with somebody – an ally to help you figure things out if you could just both willingly work things out.

Experience The Power of Two with Couples Counselling

You still have each other and that’s why you’re here. I’m here to guide you to see that. You have the reinforcement of two people, and if combined, can be a very powerful thing. Healthy relationships have many amazing benefits. Here are some:

  • Greater sense of purpose
  • Better mental health for women
  • Better physical health for men
  • Less production of stress hormones
  • Healthier behaviour
  • Better healing
  • Longer Life
  • Fewer risk factors for heart disease

Best of all, healthy relationships lead to a better and happier life. It is a vital component of your well-being. It is important to reconcile conflicts and differences with the people we value. Our goal is for both of you to head to that direction and find a sense of harmony in that.

Having a clearer destination sets everything into perspective, and the struggles you are facing today might as well be part of a beautiful journey. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help. I’m here to help you get over that relationship road block.

Why Seek Couples Counselling in the Northern Beaches Today?

I’m here to show you the landscape you’re probably missing out. I’m more than your average counsellor as I’m neither a mere spectator nor a judge of your behaviour. Here at Blue Sky Life, I can offer you a safe, nurturing and warm environment to encourage you to speak what needs to be related. This is to provide you and your partner a healthy and proper forum to address issues in your relationship, strengthen your relationship, affirm, and settle on favourable conclusion for both of you. I provide the guidance you need using a combination of proven methods that were exclusively designed for your needs.

Get the support you need with couples counselling. To book a session, please fill out the contact form.

Are you ready to connect with your partner and start living a more authentic life? Then, book an appointment online today or call me for a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

My wife and I are closer than ever now. Kathryn helped us understand how we can support each other’s weaknesses and work together on our strengths. We feel like a team now.
David and Cynthia Johnston

David and Cynthia Johnston

My husband left me after a long affair that I knew nothing about. I was distraught, angry and very alone. Kathryn gave me the space to start healing. She has an ability to listen and show empathy, which is invaluable. She encouraged me to belief that I would have a great life at the end of the dark tunnel.
Justine Flowers

Justine Flowers

Through weekly counselling sessions from Kathryn, who addressed our problems with care and sensitivity; we improved in leaps and bounds in our relationship. Kathryn’s skills were our salvation and we look forward to bright future.
Debra and Barry Lawson

Debra and Barry Lawson

Kathryn is an excellent counsellor. We found her to be an attentive listener and an insightful observer. The dialogue with Kathryn has enabled us to understand issues and move along the road to worthwhile outcomes. We strongly recommend her.
Juliette and Jimmy Davies

Juliette and Jimmy Davies