Clinical Hypnosis Helps Cure Depression

Medication is a good starting point when we are looking at clinical depression, but it never deals with the underlying reason why and how depression starts and continues. To find a sustainable long term solution and free medication limits, doctors are increasingly looking to hypnosis as a way to find tangible and lasting emotional freedom.

I have experienced first-hand how devastating depression can be for some clients and their families, so I am excited to share that hypnosis can help in one way or another.

Hypnosis in Modern Science

The field of hypnosis has evolved so much in the past 3 decades. Today, it is an established component in the field of behavioral medicine. It is a focus of many studies and research from some of the most prestigious institutions including Stanford, Harvard, and Yale. Furthermore, there are hundreds of studies and research dedicated to hypnosis and its effect on the human mind.

Hypnosis is a proven unique approach to a person’s subconscious mind. I always find it amusing that a lot of people still think that hypnosis is all about controlling another person’s mind. On the contrary, during a hypnotherapy session, you will be completely conscious and in control of your choices and actions.

A Tool for Depression

Many cases of depression are triggered by a traumatic event, leaving people unable to cope. The death of a loved one may open a person to become empty and hopeless. Divorce or losing a job may bring about feelings of guilt, helplessness and worthlessness. The causes of depression could be relational, emotional, nutritional, financial, social, political, spiritual and situational, as well as physical or even a combination of all.

Hypnosis is an effective treatment for people suffering from depression. Recent studies show that it is even more effective than cognitive-behavioral therapy, the most common therapy for people with depression. Although it may not work for everyone, it is an option worth considering especially for those whose current treatments are not working efficiently.

Hypnosis can help treat depression by addressing underlying causes, as well as finding ways for the person to cope better with their situation. I personally know that through positive thinking and a constructive outlook, any person will be able to cope with anything or any problem that they will encounter. People who use hypnotherapy will experience better control of their emotions, thoughts and mood. Furthermore, hypnosis can also help a person learn how to respond better to trigger events. Coping mechanisms are so integral to our day to day living that not knowing how to cope will affect us deeply.

To those of you who want to try this treatment, I encourage you to become familiar with all the information about hypnosis. You will be surprised and astounded at how each session can help you get a better outlook in life.

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