Can't concentrate. Maybe it i's anxiety

Can’t Concentrate? Maybe it’s Anxiety

The Australian Psychological Society defines anxiety as “an uncomfortable feeling of fear or impending disaster” and that it also refers to the thoughts and reactions of a person who encounters a situation where he or she can’t manage successfully.

Signs of Anxiety

Sometimes, we encounter many stressful situations at work or at home, which make us anxious. For those of us who feel anxiety:

  • Our heart races.
  • We sweat profusely.
  • We feel dizzy.
  • We get headaches.
  • We become aggressive, restless, irritable, and fearful.
  • We have a hard time concentrating and focusing on our tasks.

If you’ve felt most of these things many times now, you might have been suffering from anxiety. Although anxiety is natural response of the mind and body to situations that seem frightening, or stressful, it can cause some negative effects when it comes to getting the job done. Oftentimes, we wouldn’t be able to focus on our job when we’re worried over something else.

Causes of Anxiety

People react to anxiety differently because the cause of their anxiety stems from different factors like:

  • Biochemical factors (hormonal/chemical imbalance)
  • Traumatic events (abuse, death or loss, etc.)
  • Stress from work, school, relationships, or finance
  • Side-effects of medication
  • Stress from medical illness
  • Substance abuse (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs)
  • Genetics (family history of anxiety)

One size does not fit all, and so it’s important to learn about the causes of your anxiety so that you could learn to manage your mind and body’s reaction to stressful situations.

Managing Anxiety

Managing your anxiety will help you focus better on your tasks. This will make your work easier and lighter and will give you more chance for productivity.

You first need to know what triggers your anxiety, what causes your reactions, and the reasons behind them. Knowing these things can help you better understand why you react this way when met with a situation that makes you extremely anxious.

With Blue Sky Life, you will be able to learn to look at your anxiety-triggering situations differently, which will help you get a more firm handle on your reactions. You will learn to challenge negative thoughts rationally, and how to calm yourself when faced with a stressful situation. This will give you more time to relax and to see your situation differently. According to the director of The Ross Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, Inc., Jerilyn Ross, MA, LICSW, exercise and yoga can be good outlets for those who constantly feel anxiety.

Anxiety, while natural, can be harmful if it becomes extreme. It can hinder your goals and your life. Don’t let it get out of hand and learn to manage it better and earlier. Stay tuned to our blog or watch our video testimonials on how our clients were able to overcome their fears and problems with our help.

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