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Kathryn Clark with her client

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Executive Coaching is considered by many great businesses and ambitious individuals as their partner to success. Having an Executive Coach is tantamount to having a partner who essentially helps business owners and executives like you to focus on their vision with clarity of goals and the motivation to unlock great potentials for achieving best results.

Stay Right on Track With Business Coaching in Northern Beaches

Define your own path to success. It’s you who will ultimately determine the momentum by which your visions are met. Executive Coaching will not only help you grow as a professional but as an individual as well. This lets you target your own personal blind spots. With effective and proven techniques by a highly qualified Executive Coach such as myself, I will help you put all that into perspective and harmonize your vision and your personal goals. I work closely with clients who want to perform better and be better individuals in all sorts of field and stages in their professional career.

Are you ready to become the best you? Talk to me about your business and personal goals.

I have successfully worked with clients on:

  • Leadership – becoming a world class leader
  • Interpersonal and professional communication and conflict resolution
  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Priority setting and decision making
  • Managing career and personal changes
  • Work Life Balance issues
  • Identifying gaps and obstacles to efficiency
  • Raising profiles and effective upwards management
  • Enhancing strategic and lateral thinking
  • Team building and maximising performance
  • Career transition

My Business Coaching World Class Executive Tools To Success:

  • Learn Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to reframe language and confidently get what you want
  • Learn powerful hypnosis persuasion techniques to easily influence
  • Understand your own leadership thinking and effectiveness style
  • Know how to spot and effectively communicate with all personality styles
  • Body Language assessment, use your body to congruently convey a message
  • Learn deception detection, instantly spot a lie and never be lied to again

Here at Blue Sky Life, I create your own unique executive coaching program. I consider your individual challenges, needs, wants, timeframes and vision. This includes a set of agreed key performance indicators for each session and the program as a whole.

Get access to world-class methods, whether it be NLP, Hypnotherapy, Counselling or innovative Executive Coaching tools and techniques. All of these are designed to provide you a clear road map to success.

Are you ready to start your journey today and start to live this life you deserve? Then, book an appointment online today or call me for a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

The closest thing that I can relate to being in a hypnotic state is a very relaxing meditation. You are totally aware of what is happening at all times, and when you finish it feels like you have just had the best sleep ever and you are ready to take on the world.
Gina Lattineria

Gina Lattineria

I was a bit anxious, but Kathryn made it easy and I felt totally calm. The counselling sessions worked wonders, and I found my confidence returned and my depression lifted. Thanks!
Julianna Gregoria

Julianna Gregoria

Thanks Kathryn, the sessions worked! I am back to my old self once more. I can’t thank you enough.
Mark Richmond

Mark Richmond

My issues were skyrocketing and my self-esteem plummeting. Kathryn encouraged me to discover the real reasons and blocks behind my situation. Her counselling and the Hypnosis worked perfectly to help me return to a healthy zest for life. Thank you!
Jimmy Matterson

Jimmy Matterson

Kathryn, I cannot begin to thank you enough for what you have done for me. Congratulations on providing a service that really works.
Julie McDougall

Julie McDougall