Stress Management and Anxiety

Are you feeling so overwhelmed by the ever-increasing demands of life that you feel you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Job pressures, overdue bills, relationship problems, major life decisions, exams, moving to a new home, child care, illnesses. These are just some of the triggers that could lead to stress and anxiety.

While stress and anxiety are normal psychological and physiological reactions to pressures of life, like an alarm that goes off and signals your body to release hormones to fuel your ability to respond to the added pressure, if it becomes nonstop and uncontrollable, it could lead to serious health problems and deterioration of the quality of your life.

That’s why Stress Management is so important. We may not eliminate stress from our lives, but we can learn to manage it. We can increase our capacity to cope from everyday pressures. Don’t wait until stress becomes too much to handle, that your health, your relationships and the quality of your life becomes affected. I can help you develop techniques to relieve yourself from stress and anxiety.

Exercise, healthy eating, getting enough rest, taking part in interesting hobbies, and laughter may aid in alleviating you from high-level stress.

But you will feel a lot better if you can harness techniques to get stress out of your system. So for long-lasting remedy, visit my clinic. I use a very effective combination of counselling, hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy in conquering stress.

After teaching you methods on how to create balance between your mind and your body, focus on the underlying causes of stress and be able to let it go, you can then face the everyday battles of life, armoured with abilities to combat stress and defeat it. That way, you get more out from your life.

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