Pregnancy and Birth Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an effective method to harness the power of your mind over pregnancy and birth matters.

Natal hypnotherapy (the fancy name for hypnotherapy in pregnancy) comprises of deep relaxation and the power of suggestion to access the part of your mind that's responsible for bodily functions (your breathing, hormones, digestion and this also includes your emotions). Hypnosis in pregnancy help you easily cope with a wide variety of situations and concerns that are often associated with pregnancy.

I teach hypnosis in childbirth (Hypnobirthing) to effectively ease any discomfort in birthing. Likewise, I have found hypnotherapy is also extremely powerful in helping the following conditions:

Pregnancy and birth related hypnotherapy is a favoured specialty of mine. I was drawn to this field through my own experiences with conception, pregnancy and birth of my twins seven years ago. With my own vested interest in eliminating morning sickness, stress and the usual aches and pains, I conducted extensive research into this field. I am proud to say that all the techniques have been proven firstly on me as your willing guinea pig.

Over these past seven years with the help of more willing mothers to be, I have fine-tuned my techniques. I am extremely confident that I can help you with any pregnancy or birth related concerns and make a lasting difference to the quality of your pregnancy and birth experience.

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