Post Natal Depression

You may feel a bit emotional and down during the first few weeks after giving birth, (better known as the ‘baby blues’), and this is quite normal. 85% of new mums experience this, days after giving birth. Although distressing, this doesn’t last long and is generally manageable.

However, 10-15% of mums feel deeper and longer feelings of dejection. This is called Post Natal Depression.

New mums, especially those with mismanaged births, who experienced painful and difficult birthing, can struggle getting past the traumatic experience. She may go over and over the events in her head, leaving her angry, unsupported and mistreated. As newborns need care all day and all night, new mums who are struggling mentally and emotionally, might find it difficult to cope.

If you are struggling to look after yourself and your baby and simple tasks become too difficult to manage, it is time to seek help.

You will definitely benefit from an additional support. With a combination of counselling, hypnotherapy and EMDR, in conjunction with our Hypnobirthing Study Course, you will experience fast and long-lasting beneficial results.

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