Pain management through Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an astonishingly effective way of reducing and even removing pain responses.

For centuries, hypnosis was the only pain reliever, long before anaesthesia. It was successful in eliminating pain in major amputations, to the resetting of broken limbs. Today it's an effective and natural treatment of chronic pain, or reducing the amount of anaesthesia needed. But how is it done and how can you begin to use hypnosis to reduce your own pain levels?
I have created a proven yet unique method of effectively reducing or eliminating pain. In summary it is as follows:

Firstly let's look at distraction. Now, I don't mean that I will ask you to ‘try not to think about' the fact you have a pounding migraine. But the principle is amazingly effective. Remember the last time you played sport or wore those tight shoes at a party, you were distracted by having a great time and didn't even notice the bulging blisters until later.
When you are in deep hypnosis, I can begin to direct your attention to other parts of your body free of discomfort. The distraction technique is enormously powerful and easy to learn, so in no time you will be able to recreate its effects.  

I also use dissociation, by focusing your attention to non-afflicted areas of your life, such as imagining yourself at a time before the pain was present. Most clients love the feeling of being disconnected to their current state, by imagining themselves in a safe and comfortable place. Under hypnosis, this feeling is easily created. The effect is similar to a lovely daydream where you just switch off from reality.

When I talk about reframing the pain, I mean turning the sensation of pain into a sensation that isn't usually referred to as ‘pain'. Clients under hypnosis can feel ‘a stabbing pain' can be ‘cushioned', a ‘burning pain' can be ‘cooled'.  The pulse of ‘a pulsating pain' can be slowed and eventually stopped altogether.

It's also important to note that numbing and dissociation happen quite spontaneously and naturally in hypnosis, because it's essentially akin to the rapid eye movement (REM) state in dreaming. During nature's hypnosis or dreaming you become completely dissociated from your body. You may also have slept on an arm and found it numb – then I can suggest this numbness spreads into afflicted areas.

Please note: Pain is a signal that something needs attention. It's vital that you get fully medically assessed if you are in any kind of pain before seeking my assistance.

I do hope you are ready to live a more comfortable and freeing existence. It only takes two sessions to successfully learn the effective tools and techniques needed to and bring peace and comfort.

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