Morning Sickness

Women revel at the onset of knowing they have conceived a wee miracle growing inside their body. Unfortunately, for most pregnant women, the elation and joyfulness is disturbed with a sudden nauseating feeling and the need to vomit (sometimes while in the middle of enjoying a meal, or just at the very sight and smell of certain food… or for no reason at all!).

This dreaded feeling is popularly called Morning Sickness. Although common and usually not detrimental to the health of most mums to be and the baby, and lasts for just a couple of months for some, it doesn't mean you have to put up with it. Nausea is an awful feeling. It leaves you drained and miserable.

The good news is, morning sickness can be controlled and can even be totally eliminated. How? Hypnotherapy can.

Each session with me will help you identify what causes morning sickness and refocus your undesirable thoughts and feelings on food and smells. With positive suggestions, you'll become more at ease with smells and the sight of food. You'll be attracted to the healthier types of food and drinks as well and you'll experience better digestion. I'll also equip you with self-hypnosis techniques which you can use to instantly feel better at any time of the day. On top of eliminating nausea, you will develop a sense of positivity, calmness and higher energy level in dealing with pregnancy issues.

Go ahead, bask in the joyfulness of pregnancy and bond with your baby early on. You and your baby deserve it. Don't let morning sickness subdue your happiness and excitement. Contact me today and book a session.

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