IVF Support

Research published at the European Conference on fertility 2004 has shown that Hypnosis can double the success of IVF treatment and more than 50% of the women using hypnosis at the time of implantation have become pregnant!


It is thought that hypnosis will relax a woman and the uterus will also relax (a contracting uterus makes it difficult for the embryo to be implanted)

What Hypnosis can do for IVF

How does it work?

Women have a greater chance of success and are better able to deal with all the procedures involved in IVF if they are more relaxed and tranquil. A clinical trial in Israel showed that women who used Hypnosis during IVF had doubled the chance of success.

Blue Sky Life hypnotherapy sessions creates relaxation and guided visualisation, to help you emotionally, mentally and physically prepare your body for successful IVF

I honestly believe that the hypnotherapy sessions with Kathryn helped to get me in the right frame of mind (and out of grieving) to be able to visualise and welcome a new creation into our lives. And what a joy he is....Thank You!" Francesca Park

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