You may have heard of hypnobirthing without actually knowing a lot about it. Some high-profile celebrities and even the Duchess of Cambridge used Hypnobirthing.

Kate Middleton was actually the latest, in a long line of famous women including Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Pamela Anderson and many more, who took control and used hypnobirthing to remain relaxed, calm and comfortable throughout the birthing process of her baby. It's always exciting to see our message being spread by celebrities and high profile public figures.
Many women know the advantages of a natural birth (no risk from surgery/chemical/allergic reactions etc.) but they have brought into the "painful birth" belief. We are bombarded by others who are readily available to tell horror stories of them giving birth. In fact, sometimes it seems like a competition as to who has the most gruelling birthing experience. Stories like these only perpetuate the fear of childbirth. It is this fear that takes over pregnant women and creates tension that won't allow their bodies to do birth naturally, effectively and comfortably.

I see Hypnobirthing working so well, as it releases your birthing fears that society has placed on you. It helps improve your mental strength and resolution you were born with to control what your body feels through the use of:

By forgetting what society has taught you and re-connecting with your own natural instincts, I can teach you how to hone into your intuitive side. By doing so, you can easily overcome any anxieties and let go of uncomfortable feelings during birth. This is the very essence of hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing Classes in Manly
The group classes are held over three Friday or Sunday mornings from 9.00am to 1.00pm, totalling 12 hours at the Manly Clinic. The classes are hands on with demonstrations and opportunities to practice and perfect all the Hypnobirthing tools and techniques.  Class numbers are kept low to aid learning.
Information and bookings are found at my Hypnobirthing hub website www.hypnobirthinghub.com.

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Private Hypnobirthing Sessions
Private sessions are also available in Manly, Frenchs forest and often your own home.  This is an opportunity to have every moment is dedicated to you. I can work at a pace perfectly tailored to you and can also include additional sessions if needed to help with a specific pregnancy or birth concern.
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Pregnancy or Birth Sessions
I have helped many women overcome such as morning sickness, past birthing traumas, miscarriage lost and fear , fear of needles, turning breech babies and induction techniques to name a few.
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