Fertility Hypnosis

If you are having difficulty conceiving, you are not alone. One in eight couples is having difficulty.

Stress, negative emotions, fear of birth or past trauma have been found to be the underlying factors in unexplained infertility.

Whether you are planning to conceive naturally or through in vitro fertilization (IVF), Hypnotherapy is the best method to increase the chances of conception. Hypnosis can double a woman's chance of getting pregnant when used in conjunction with IVF. There haven't been many studies on hypnosis as a successful treatment for infertility. However, more and more are harnessing the techniques, with astonishing results.

I will be teaching you deep relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques that will enable you to prepare emotionally as well as physically for conception.

Hypnotherapy at Blue Sky Life will help you overcome any unconscious hindrances which are holding you back and will tell your body that you are ready to conceive.

"We had been trying for a baby for a year. Every month was like a rollercoaster of hope followed by depression. I was sceptical at first about using Hypnosis but I realised that there were quite a few emotional issues which had stopped me from getting pregnant. With these out of the way, now after six weeks, I am pregnant!" Alisha Jonas

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