Fears & phobias

Fear is like water, it needs a channel to go downwards. If nothing actually life threatening is happening when you feel fear, then your imagination creates a channel for that fear by constructing a reason to be afraid. If the threat isn't valid, your imagination will quickly create ‘evidence' to rationalise the fear for you. In your fear position, any input from your imagination is taken as factual evidence. Fear gets you to make stuff up and then believe it. Fear thrives on your imagination.

Fear is a great motivator, for good or (too often) for bad. It can motivate you away from things that would actually be beneficial. One way to think of your fear instinct is like an eager puppy, needing to be trained. Your instincts take your lead. They don't know what they are supposed to fear. Your instincts learn by the emotion you feel when you imagine something.

If you avoid doing something through fear, then your fear instinct will get the message of a dangerous situation and so will try to ‘help you out' by heightening the fear. So the more you avoid, the spider, flight, wasp or snake to name a few, the more afraid you become.

Many traditional styles of therapy use gradual exposure to the fear. Fortunately there is an even more effective, and comfortable way to reduce your fear levels. And that is to feel calm when you imagine doing something. This trains your instincts to produce calmness in the ‘fear' situation and avoid panic attack. The best way to do this is during Hypnotherapy, by rehearsing the fear situation ahead of time while feeling very calm and relaxed.

I teach my clients if they have a challenging situation ahead to close your eyes, enter deeply relaxed self hypnosis and then, and only then imagine yourself in that situation. In this way they are in effect, setting a helpful instinctive blueprint for the situation. Once you learn how easy it is to become self hypnotised and have really strongly visualised that event while importantly feeling very calm, it actually becomes difficult not to feel relaxed during the real situation.
Hypnotherapy with my unique combination of NLP techniques retrains your subconscious mind to have a healthy response to the previously fearful situation. It is extremely effective and it often will only take one session to feel the full benefits.

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