There is no problem too large or too small. I have listened to them all and I would love you to talk to me.

In life, emotional challenges are bound to arise.  Although our friends and loved ones often do a lot in helping us to overcome them, sometimes difficult events or situations can pile up and make these challenges seem simply overwhelming.
In all these cases, I can help. As a professional experienced counsellor I can help you to deal with, and conquer problems like these. Working with you, I will help you to identify the problem, and develop ways to overcome it, that are tailored to your unique situation.

This is an ideal opportunity for you to talk to an expert who listens and cares about your problem in a warm and understanding environment. I will help you recognise and explore the root causes of your problems, and identify the responses that are having this negative effect in your situation. I will then work with you to develop strategies to overcome your problem, and to develop solid techniques which you can use to succeed in everyday life.

Here at Blue Sky Life,  in a counselling session I approach your problem by focusing on your individual needs and the method may vary. I often will use a proven method of CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy along with Schema Therapy. If you wish I can also integrate powerful NLP and Hypnotherapy into the session.

The guidance and support you receive with me in counselling will help you conquer the problem that is holding you back. Through counselling, you will feel more powerful and in control. And you'll feel better about yourself, while aware of all the positives that are already in your life.

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