Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Unpleasant feelings and unwanted behaviour stem from our perception of distressing situations. Envy, for instance. You might feel envious of your workmate's pending promotion. It's natural. But envy, if not let go, becomes a poison. It will leave a trail of unnecessary negative thoughts and feelings (low self-esteem, insecurity, being withdrawn and bad tempered…etc.). That's not how we want to wake up each day, right? We don't need all of those extra weight on our shoulders. Because not only are we affecting our own well-being, we are also affecting the people close to us; our family, friends and loved ones.

I use this very effective tool to help you cope with emotional and behavioural problems: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

As the name suggests, CBT focuses on the way you think (cognitive) and the way you act (behaviour). With CBT, I will teach you how to acknowledge your perception and feelings about distressing situations. You will learn how to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, and then allow you to release that emotion and change your way of thinking, which will change your behaviour.

Therefore, when you start having a negative thought, like envy, with CBT you can instantly use the tools and techniques to acknowledge the emotion and then immediately release it. With time, you can learn to become your own therapist and have access to monitor and change your negative thoughts and find clarity of mind.

CBT can also make a considerable difference to these emotional and behavioural issues:

With CBT, combined with hypnotherapy, I can assist you in solving your real-life problems by changing your biased thinking and unfavourable behaviour.

The results of CBT are long-term, and you can keep using what you have learned in therapy to approach other problems in your life.

I am here to listen, understand and find clarity in your on-going emotional issues. Book a session now and become a better you!

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