Binge Drinking and Alcohol Abuse

Most people have tried alcohol at some time in their lives. We've had a glass of wine or two to celebrate an anniversary, and it's completely harmless.

People drink for a wide range of reasons: social events, for relaxation, mood alteration, improved creativity, intoxication, boredom, habit, peer pressure, to escape or forget or to 'drown sorrows'.

But it is a sad fact that alcohol abuse is responsible for a substantial burden of death, disease and injury all over the world. Alcohol-related damage to health is not limited to drinkers but also affects families and the larger community.

If your drinking becomes uncontrollable and is affecting your way of life, it's time to step forward and seek help. Don't wait until it's too late and you wake up one day becoming an alcohol dependent, making it even more difficult to turn back.

I can help you regain control of your life and stop alcohol abuse once and for all.

The relaxation techniques in hypnotherapy that I'm going to teach you can help you access your unconscious mind and uncover the root cause of the addiction.

Understanding why alcohol has become a problem will help you to easily learn how to replace the destructive behaviour alcohol abuse can lead to.

Using hypnosis to re-examine your lifestyle, I can teach you effective coping strategies and create different attitudes towards alcohol.

Because hypnotherapy addresses the underlying causes of addiction, it alters your behaviour rather than just separates you from a habit you enjoyed once and might want to enjoy again. It targets your desire to drink and is a less stressful treatment of quitting.

A few sessions with me for a little amount can already make a huge difference in your way of living. Stop binge drinking and alcohol abuse for good.

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